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Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Love Nuby!

As you may recall from a previous entry, Nuby UK sent me some goodies a while ago to use with The Boy and blog about my findings. The product we’ve used daily ever since is the wonderful One Touch Bottle & Food Warmer, which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for one – at only RRP £15 I think it is a bargain, looks so much more stylish and sleek than the other brand equivalents and the beauty of being able to put the bottle or food in and press the button then being able to wander off and do something else without worrying about it overheating is brilliant. During a visit to my parents a couple of weeks ago I decided against taking it as they have a different brand one at their house and it reminded me just how good the Nuby product is.

The Boy took very well to the Wash Or Toss beakers initially, however he quickly discovered that when he launches them from the highchair tray onto the laminate floor the lids tend to pop off and we end up with a mini flood every time. I started using the Sport Sipper instead and this is much better,  while he still throws it onto the floor rather than putting it to one side when he’s had enough to drink, the one-way valve helps prevent it from leaking. It’s also very handy when we go out as it fits nicely into a standard bottle insulator bag so it keeps his water nice and cool on a hot day, which given the recent weather is a must! Also when we go to visit friends with children of around the same age, the lime green Sport Sipper stands out amongst the various beakers that end up everywhere, which makes it easy for me to identify when it’s time to pack up & go home, but also makes it easy for him to see which one is his drink, which saves arguments!

His Teether Tugz Rabbit continues to be a firm favourite – when the replacement rabbit was sent his face lit up when I opened the package, and since then every time we go out it is securely attached to his carseat harness or to the pushchair. The Flip Flop book is a favourite of mine, as I take it everywhere in the car when we’re out and when we go shopping I can attach it to the supermarket trolley to discourage him from biting the metal bars, or the hoop on it means I can put it on the harness in his buggy and it won’t go missing. He goes through stages of wanting to chew a lot with the teething continuing, but even if he isn’t interested in chewing the book has crinkly pages, different textures and brightly coloured pictures to keep him entertained while mummy shops!

The Twisty Bugz teether stays at home and when his teeth are playing up it’s one of the first things I reach for to give him some relief – Not only does the purICE keep it colder for longer after it’s come out of the fridge, but the bright colours and clicky noises keep him happy and when the time does come to put it back in the fridge once it gets too warm to help at all he does get quite upset! We have a set of Icy Bite keys as well which are good, but I think the size of the keys makes it difficult for him to get them where he needs the relief now, toward the back of his mouth – They would have been fabulous to have when his front teeth started coming through though; I had a set of plastic chew keys for him which he always had with him while the front teeth were coming through, and they weren’t even cold ones!

All in all, we’re really thrilled with Nuby products in our household, I hadn’t heard of the brand prior to finding the Teether Tugz Rabbit in our local Tesco store but since finding the website and the Facebook page and increasing our Nuby product selection they impress me more and more each time. For the next baby I am considering purchasing all new bottles as we went for a different brand with The Boy and they’re really showing their age now, with the figures coming off the sides and discolouration despite thorough washing (and sterilising when he was younger) Also they’re so common it seems like everyone has the same ones, and the Nuby ones stand out a bit more and look a bit funkier, which is why I’m thinking I might get them! For the price you pay for Nuby products you get excellent quality, fantastic customer service and a product that looks good and will last, which I have found not to be the case with other, better known brands and their expensive products which fail very quickly and rubbish customer service! Added to this with most of the Nuby products you can purchase additional pieces from the website store, enabling you to ‘refresh’ many of the products when it starts showing signs of wear & tear or in preparation for the next child to use the product. I will definitely be taking advantage of the current free delivery from Nuby and am compiling a list of things I want to get for The Boy, so watch out for more Nuby reviews coming soon!

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