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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tearless Teething - Hazelwood Necklace - Day 1

At The Baby Show a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I walked up to the ladies at the Tearless Teething stand and said hello.

My friend had been looking for an amber teething necklace for her youngest son, Angry Bird, 10 months. She’d used a couple with her older son and had found a brand she really liked and a brand she didn’t like at all, but Tearless Teething were a brand she’d not heard of before.

Upon closer inspection, we found the necklaces weren’t amber necklaces at all. The ladies explained to us that they were Hazelwood necklaces, produced for assisting all problems associated with teething, including eczema and nappy rash. There were Hazelwood necklaces with pink or blue decoration to choose from, so we picked up two blue to examine them more closely.

I explained to the ladies the problems that The Boy has been having recently, with the awful eczema on his back (which is now returning, after the steroid cream cleared it up really well, now we’re back on the normal cream the eczema is getting worse again) He was never one for nappy rash as a young baby but now he is older, he gets it quickly, he gets it regularly and he gets it really badly, to the point where his bottom is bumpy, red, sore, and bleeding. As a result he doesn’t want you to wipe it to clean it because it’s so uncomfortable, so he winds up thrashing around on the changing table having a huge temper tantrum and you’re trying to deal with him in a foul mood as well as a full nappy, which isn’t easy! The ladies sympathised, but they said that the Tearless Teething Hazelwood necklace really would help all of that. They said that I should put it on him and I would see a vast improvement within the first 48 hours, and after a week of wearing it we should see some changes which would last as long as the necklace did. They advise that the necklaces are replaced after three months as they loose their effectiveness – I’m not sure how accurate this is or whether it’s a marketing ploy to make you buy another, so we’ll see whether it helps in the first instance, then if it does help we’ll see how much, and if after three months the symptoms come back I may be persuaded to buy another!

Tearless Teething says that the use of Hazelwood as a teething soother comes from Native Americans, who found that placing Hazelwood chips on their babies necks soothed teething pains. It is thought to help by balancing acidity levels in the body, including those connected with teething problems, such as digestive issues, nappy rash and eczema as well as general mouth discomfort. The necklace is made with a special clasp which is designed to open under pressure such as if it was to get caught in clothing, so it is as safe as possible for the child to wear all the time. Tearless Teething advise removing the necklace at the pool as chlorine can have an affect on the Hazelwood, but to wear it as much as possible otherwise to have full effect. The benefits of Hazelwood are not just for teething infants – the company also produce a variety of sizes for older children and adults, too, said to assist the wearer with the symptoms associated with acidity imbalance in the body, such as eczema and digestive problems. For this reason, I’m seriously considering one myself if there is a marked improvement on The Boy once he’s been wearing his for a while.

Now, onto The Boy – it is advised that you place the necklace on the child while they’re asleep, so they’re unaware of it being there and won’t fiddle with it constantly. However, while you could send a parade with fireworks through the room with The Boy asleep he’d remain un-disturbed, he will wake up at the softest touch, so it’s been impossible to get the necklace on him that way. Yesterday his nappy rash got to extreme levels, so today when I was getting him dressed I just grabbed the necklace and quickly put it on him, then tucked it under his clothes so he couldn’t fiddle with it easily. A couple of times he’s touched it but I’ve just told him to leave it alone and distracted him with something else and on the whole he’s ignored it.

So, this is Day 1 of him wearing the Tearless Teething Hazelwood necklace – so far he’s been wearing it since and it’s now in the afternoon. I’ve seen no marked improvement yet, only that today he has not thrown as bad a tantrum as he was doing yesterday, whether this is coincidence or not I don’t know. I would love this to work, for his eczema and nappy rash and the other teething symptoms to just go away or at least show vast improvement, simply for the fact that my parents and my in-laws are very sceptical about things like this and very much feel that it is hippie-type mumbo-jumbo so I’d love to show them all some evidence!  I will be keeping you updated how we go on our Tearless Teething Hazelwood necklace journey!


I paid £10 at The Baby Show for a Tearless Teething Hazelwood necklace, normal RRP £15.99 from their online shop.

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