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Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's All So Quiet

It's been a while since I last posted and I feel really bad about that, because I never intended to be a blogger who left large gaps between posts.

However, sometimes things don't go to plan!

First off, there was a period of time where it seemed that if I wasn't unwell, The Boy was. We must have had about six colds each - every time we both managed to shake it, we'd go and catch another! So during that time I was busy feeling sorry for myself and looking after my snotty little monkey. After that, I decided to commit to writing some blog posts, but my PC chose that point in time to have a serious technological error, and for a while it was touch and go whether or not it would ever be back up and running again. Fortunately The Hubby is very tech savvy in that way, and managed to get it working after a couple of weeks of hard effort finally paid off! When I was finally able to sit down again to write, I was struck by the dreaded writers block ... Not because I had nothing to say at all, simply because I had no products that I'd been reviewing that I had to write and tell you all about.

Moving forward though, I've got a few things up my sleeve ... Coming shortly will be a piece about stair gates and toddler-proofing your house now that The Boy is into everything we've had to totally re-think our home, and there's more to it than you first think! Also we've purchased his first 'big boy' bedding - a cotbed duvet and pillow, since he's almost 2 and I was fed up of the tangle of sheets and blankets I figured it was time. Additional to that I'm working on a piece about our travel cot which we definitely got our moneys worth out of, and also branching out more broadly there's a piece about the death of our freezer and the purchase of the replacement - not something that is exclusive to me having a child, but something that every family uses, so I hope it will prove to be more useful information.

I've also been speaking to the lovely people at Leapfrog and there will be a competition coming soon on the Facebook page which I'm very excited about, and a further blog piece on My Pal Scout which was sent to The Boy to review from Leapfrog a few months back, just so you can see how he's doing now and whether My Pal Scout has lasting value with fickle children whose tastes change overnight!

Ah well, better get writing then! Lots to do, I'm going to take advantage of The Boy having a nap!

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