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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm An Auntie

Wonderful, amazing, brilliant news this week.

My sister-in-law (Hubby's half sister) and her hubby have had a baby.

Their son was born on 20th June, making me an auntie for the first time. Its strangely exciting; Despite or perhaps because I have The Boy, I have been out every day since my nephew was born trying to find him a gift.

Why is it, when you don't have the money, or you don't have all the information (we didn't know if I would be welcoming a neice or a nephew into the world, so I couldn't pre-buy specific stuff) or for whatever reason you can't get it just then, you find all kinds of wonderful, beautiful, just perfect items? Then, when you do have the money, and the information, or whatever, suddenly you can't find jack shit? I've been everywhere I know I've seen gorgeous stuff the last few weeks - and all they've got now is a load of old rubbish!! Not even stuff I might think, I don't know, then it grows on me - oh no. Everywhere has cleaned out the good stuff I've been eyeing hopefully and ordered in a lot of old crap now I want to get something! I'm in the next town tomorrow, bigger than here, so I'll have a nosey round there I reckon, see what I can find!

The Hubby, The Boy and myself will go and visit soon; The Nephew was born by c-section, so I'm not even sure if his mummy is out of hospital yet, or what - I expect she would be, as its a couple of days ago now, but I suppose it depends on how it has been. Look at me and The Boy - not as straightforward a delivery as we'd hoped, and we ended up staying in for three days altogether after he was born. And still after that the first day we were home our midwife said if I couldn't get him to eat then he'd be re-admitted! Argh no!! Anyhoo! I'm sure none of that has happened with The Nephew; my ma-in-law is staying with them since they live so far away from us and my sis-in-law wanted the additional support of her mum being with her, especially since her hubby is going to have to cut short his paternity leave! (We won't even go there; sis-in-law not impressed with his work right now one little bit!) We're not sure at this moment in time when we'll go and visit, we'll see what happens, but it will just be for the day; We'll leave early, stop in at my parents on the way for lunch, go to them for the afternoon, back to parents for dinner on the way home, get home around ten or eleven hopefully. The Boy can sleep in the car, he'll be fine, I've got his play tray now for longer journies and some brilliant things by Clippasafe (only £1.50 for two!) for putting around your buggy (or in my case, the carseat harness) and attaching kids toys to it! No more throwing the toys out of the carseat and getting the hump coz he gets bored, the toy remains attached hurrah!! I'm looking forward to seeing them, it will be brilliant.

Like so many people, my sis-in-law suffered the loss of pregnancy before she got pregnant with The Nephew. If her first pregnancy had continued, her baby would have been born around Christmastime last year - instead, she was announcing her second pregnancy to us. It was a sad but wonderful time, and the pregnancy wasn't easy, but here we are, me with The Boy 10 and a half months old, her with The Nephew, newborn. We finally got here. Its taken us a long time; both of us struggled to conceive initially - but we've finally done it. This Christmas is gonna be amazing.

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