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Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 Things I Love About You!

  1. The way you blink and look around all confused when you first wake up; And then you see me and a beautiful big smile takes over your whole face despite the fact you’re still half asleep.
  2. The way you smell when I hold you close, of shampoo and baby bath, of lotion and fabric conditioner, and that base smell of you that I would recognise anywhere.
  3. The way when you wake in the night in pain or after a bad dream and I go to you and you curl yourself tightly against me and let out a big shuddery breath as you snuggle against me, your little hands curled around my top so tightly.
  4. The way you giggle makes my heart leap and brings tears to my eyes.
  5. The way I can be having the worlds most rubbish day and then I see you and you look at me with those huge, trusting blue eyes and smile at me and I know, no matter what else happens, everything will be OK because of you.
  6. The way you’re so desperate to walk, and talk, and become an independent little man, yet you still turn to me for reassurance when you’re not sure of someone or something.
  7. The way you want to share everything with me, from your food to your toys, and the pleasure in your eyes when I accept your offerings.
  8. The way you chatter away to yourself and your toys when you think nobody is listening.
  9. The way you fiddle with your hair when you’re engrossed in something or when you’re feeling tired.
  10. Most of all I love you, for just being you, the most precious, most wonderful thing in my life and making every single moment of every single day worthwhile.

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