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Monday, July 4, 2011

Product Review: Entertainment On The Move with Nuby & Clippasafe

The Boy, like so many other kids his age, likes to be entertained while we’re out and about whether he’s in the carseat or the pushchair. He hasn’t got a special ‘favourite’ that he particularly likes, but he has a collection of a few things that normally keep him entertained for longest.

The trouble is that as he is so prone to flinging things around whether we’re in the car or out walking, I became paranoid about loosing things; It’s bad enough keeping an eye on shoes, socks, hats, mittens and blankets, but having to worry about toys as well made it difficult, and as a result I took toys out with us that I could attach to the carseat or the pushchair.

The best thing I found, especially once The Boy began teething, was the brilliant Flip Flop Teether Book from Nuby UK The book is made from fabric, brightly coloured and with different fabrics for different textures as well as the popular crinkly pages. In addition to this, the feet of the horse character are made from a thick piece of bobbly silicone, perfect for baby to chew on when teething. An added bonus that I found is a plastic hoop perfect for attaching the Flip Flop book to a pushchair or carseat harness! (Flip Flop character book RRP £5.99 – I got ours in Tesco for £4.50) Well worth the cash and something that lasts for ages too; Plus it’s machine washable, which is a bonus for any child product!!

One day I stumbled upon a small Clippasafe display in a local store and there I found a product called Toy Ties. Simple, yet brilliant; The Toy Tie is a small length of durable, tough fabric, with a popper at one end (when closed, forms a loop) and a loop at the other end. You use the popper end to fix onto your pushchair chassis or harness, and the other end as a kind of ‘noose’ arrangement around any number of favourite toys and it doesn’t matter how much they throw the thing around, you’re not going to loose it. They’re RRP £2.29 and can be purchased direct from Clippasafe You get two in a pack, so now I’ve got a toy always attached to the carseat harness and to the pushchair! The Boy is always entertained while we’re out, and I’m happy I don’t have to worry about loosing the toy!

Now I’ve just got to keep an eye on the shoes, socks, hats, mittens and blankets …

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  1. the toy ties look a fab idea :) lovely review xx bubbaloves