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Friday, July 1, 2011

One Of "Those" Days

Why is it always the day you've got a hundred things to do that nothing goes to plan?

Yet the days you can do what you like, when you like, everything runs like clockwork?

The Boy usually has a nap - depending on the time he wakes up in the morning, he'll either go for a nap at eleven or twelve, and normally sleeps for a couple of hours. Once awake, he has lunch and we enjoy the afternoon together, with him refreshed and happy and me satisfied that I have been able to put in some hours on the laptop for work, put a washload or two through the machine, done the housework etc.

Today, The Boy woke around 7.30. As The Hubby was leaving for work at 8.30, he said he'd give The Boy his morning bottle before he left for work. He did, and then left, so I gave The Boy breakfast at 9, and we played for a while. At 11, he was whingy and rubbing his ear, a sure sign he is tired, so I took him upstairs with a bottle, gave him some calpol to help the pain of teething, and gave him his bottle. I put him in the cot, and left him (as I usually do).

Except he didn't go to sleep. He walked circuits of the cot using the bars to haul himself along, threw all the teddies on the floor, and cried an awful lot. I went back to him every fifteen minutes to calm him down and try to get him to settle, but after just over an hour I gave up and brought him back downstairs. Perhaps he'll nap later, I thought to myself. As a very young baby, The Boy would have an afternoon nap, from three til four, and sometimes now if he doesn't sleep in the morning he has an afternoon nap instead.

The Hubby came home for lunch, and he gave The Boy his lunch which left me free to get on with a couple of bits. Before he went back to work, he moved the Jumperoo upstairs, so I had somewhere secure to put The Boy while I got on with getting myself sorted out ready for our day out tomorrow.

I didn't get far. Within 10 minutes The Boy was grizzling and moaning, dribbling like mad and chewing on everything he could. After 20 minutes I was almost finished with what I was doing (doing it as quickly as I could!), and he was like a car alarm in the background, one of those hugely irritating noises that can't be helped, and I found myself explaining to him what was happening (I often do this) even though I know you can't reason with a 10.5 month old baby. I finished up as quickly as I could, and took him into his room with a bottle, gave him some Teetha powder and tried to tempt him with a bottle and a nap.

He wasn't interested and we ended up on the floor throwing board books all over the place! After an hour I remembered I hadn't made up any more bottles for him, so I brought him back downstairs, popped him in the playpen and went to make up the bottles. He continued to grizzle and moan, so I told myself that once I'd done the bottles and made myself a coffee, I'd shut the dogs out of the front room and let him have some floor time to explore. Now he's able to crawl, its the quickest way of tiring him out, because he whizzes along like a mad thing and knackers himself out.

Before I got back into the front room, it went eerily silent in there. I poked my head round the corner wondering what had happened ... and there he was, curled up as if he'd been sitting up and just flopped forwards, fast asleep. Toys scattered around him (a teething ring under his arm and a monkey toy on his leg) he was snoring peacefully. I thought about leaving him as he was, but then I realised if he did he'd be even more grumpy when he woke up as he'd have pins and needles in his legs and probably tummy ache too from being bent over so awkwardly. I moved some toys, laid him flat, fully expecting him to wake up and start crying again, but he remained asleep.

The trouble is, I can't leave him down here to go upstairs and do what I need to do. I've done what can be done down here, and I don't want to leave him to sleep for too long or he'll never sleep tonight, but at the same time after all the crying of today, the peace is heaven sent ...

Luckily for me, The Hubby finishes at six tonight, and he's coming home to take over from me while I buzz off to the supermarket - It might not be glamorous and its definitely a different sort of going out on a Friday night than my old life, but it gets me out of the house and gives The Hubby and The Boy a chance for some Father-Son bonding time.

I just hope he doesn't carry on like this tomorrow. We've got a two hour drive there first thing in the morning, an afternoon with a newborn baby and a two hour drive home again. It'll be hell on earth if he's crying again all afternoon like he has today.

And I still don't know when I'm going to find time to paint my nails!!

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