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Monday, July 4, 2011

Product Review: Clippasafe Bump Belt

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, in December 2009, I naturally wanted to protect my unborn baby as much as possible. I was conscious of my every move, as I’m sure many women are, and when it snowed and was slippery underfoot and treacherous to drive, I was pretty nervous. A friend of mine had given birth to her first baby recently, two weeks after she’d been involved in a head-on car accident. Fortunately for her (and her baby) she’d been wearing a Bump Belt, and it had protected the unborn child from harm.

I brought mine from the local Halfords store, but they are widely available from many retailers or you can buy direct from Clippasafe  (RRP £19.99). It’s a relatively simple idea, but it provided me with great peace of mind.

It’s a square of fabric that’s slightly cushioned and velvety to the touch that you put on the seat in the vehicle where the pregnant woman will be sitting; It is suitable for use on any vehicle seat that has a standard three point seatbelt. You have an elasticated tag on either front corner of the fabric, and a long length that goes around the back of the front seat of the vehicle if that’s the position you’re in (it helps keep it secure for regular use, such as in my car where I am the only driver and I don’t tend to be a passenger so much in other cars). Because of the fabric it’s made of I found some fabrics I wore kind of stuck to it more than others, making it more prone to shift out of position if I was wearing a certain pair of trousers! So that long belt to secure it onto the driver’s seat was definitely needed for me! Then each time you get into the seat, you put the three point seatbelt on as usual, and then use the tag on either side to hold the lap part of the belt across your hips instead of over your abdomen.

It really is that simple. By holding the seatbelt this way, not only does it make it much more comfortable for the user (I suffered terrible nausea with the slightest pressure on my bump the whole way through my pregnancy, and the seatbelt was one of the worst causes, but the Bump Belt really helped that) but also in the event of an impact, instead of the lap belt tightening over your unborn child and potentially causing injuries or miscarriage, the belt still reacts and protects you properly while at the same time minimising risk to baby.

I used it every time I went out in the car, and on the occasions when I did go out as a passenger with someone else I always took the Bump Belt with me. I was so impressed with it that after my pregnancy, when my sister-in-law announced she was expecting, I didn’t hesitate to send the Bump Belt to her for use!

I’d highly recommend this for both mothers comfort and for baby’s safety; Its not the prettiest product in the world, but its functional and practical, and for the benefit of what it will do in an accident, I’d definitely say it is worth the money. Also, it’s machine washable :o) Four out of five (to be improved upon with the addition of a bit more prettiness!)

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