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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge Day 2

We started off on a bad foot, nappy-wise, first thing this morning. Admittedly the nappy had been on for over 12 hours as The Boy slept round from 8.30pm til 9am, so it did have a lot to deal with, and the first thing we had to do this morning was full strip, wash and re-dress which The Boy really wasn’t impressed with (He’s like me, and doesn’t function well when he’s just woken up, less is definitely more at that point for him) His soggy vest and PJ’s was whirling round the washing machine with the bed clothes before I realised I should have put the Mionappy in too. Doh. Which promptly brought me onto my next point – which challenge for the Mionappy today? I decided on the going out challenge.

The Boy and I were off shopping, and as he’d slept so well and woken so late I knew he wouldn’t want a nap before lunchtime, so decided to get ourselves sorted out and get out shopping sooner rather than later in the day. I practiced folding the Mionappy for the additional protection at the sides around the leg holes as we were going out and I really didn’t want to risk any spillages! I found it tricky to get right, and awkward to tuck the Mioliner around the nappy successfully and keep the Mionappy folded properly as it kept rucking up and leaving a gap between the leg of the Miosoft and the Mionappy. I would imagine this gets easier with practice, and it made me glad I’d decided to sort it all out before getting The Boy onto the changer, as if I’d been trying to do that at the same time as keep an eye on him I’d be in trouble!

Once I got the Mionappy folded into the Miosoft with a Mioliner in place and I was happy, I got The Boy dressed with it as the starting point. I chose joggers for him as at that point in the day it was cool and cloudy and had been raining on and off for a couple of hours. The joggers went on more easily over the bulk of the nappy than the shorts yesterday did, and we set off.

We went out in the car so he was in and out of the carseat, the buggy and various trollies as we made our exhausting shopping trip to just about every store I could think of. To add to this, it quickly became uncomfortably hot, and as much as I was regretting wearing jeans, I was regretting putting him in the Mionappy and putting him in joggers. The reason I was regretting putting him in the Mionappy was that he was drinking such a large amount because it was so hot – and coupled with the fact that he would be pretty warm, probably sweaty; I thought the elasticated leg holes of the Miosoft and around the waist would have made him red and sore.

We got home almost three hours after we set off, and the first thing I did was go upstairs to change him – he was covered in pink wafer biscuit crumbs, much of it smeared into his clothes, and he’d drunk so much water while we’d been out he would have made the nappy pretty wet. I was pleasantly surprised when I found he had no marks at all where the elasticated leg holes and around the waist of the Miosoft would have been, and while the Mionappy itself was heavy with moisture, it had absorbed very well and he wasn’t half as damp as I’d have anticipated.

Both the Mionappies are in the washing machine tonight: I don’t have a tumble drier so I’m not expecting them to be dry before bedtime tomorrow evening, so we'll have to see what happens and when they're ready for tomorrows test!

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