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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge Day 5

The smaller size Miosoft arrived in the post this morning. A slightly different design to the original one (blue and lilac dots this time, the design called Berry) I was once again very pleased with the level of customer service offered by Bambino Mio as this delivery was very prompt from the time I was told that they would send another size to the point of receiving it.

I changed The Boy and put the nappy on him around 3pm. The smaller size didn’t seem to make a huge amount of difference in how well it fitted him around the bottom and how far up the body it came, but certainly when I did it up (with the tabs angled, as advised, for optimum leg space) it seemed to fit much more snugly around his waist than the larger size had done. Even though The Boy is 23lbs now, so should be in the larger size Miosoft, because he is very slender it seems the smaller size is a better fit overall (the weight guideline for this size is maximum 21lbs).

After putting him in the Mionappy we came downstairs for a late lunch (The Boy slept through what should have been lunch time, napping from til almost after a very long & busy day yesterday). He had his lunch, then we watched a new film he got for his birthday and after that we went upstairs to play. Throughout the film he was moving around in his play pen and climbing on my lap and the sofa, and when we went upstairs to play he was crawling, sitting, standing and walking using the furniture for support.

Around , we were heading back downstairs so I picked him up to change his nappy and found his trousers were wet. The Boy isn’t one to moan and he hadn’t made any indication that he was soaked, but he was. I stripped his trousers off and put them into the wash, and found the Miosoft was wet and the Mionappy was soaked through. He’d obviously done a lot of wee in the three hours he’d been wearing it, as the Mionappy was very heavy when I lifted it out of the Miosoft, and unfortunately the Mionappy hadn’t been able to handle the amount. I’d done the boy fold as usual, and despite this it was completely saturated all the way round, front to back, and all the way through. The Miosoft was wet as well, so both have gone into the washing machine before the next use. He’d also made the nappy dirty, and this had been well contained within the liner, but I have started putting them in lengthways instead of widthways as demonstrated in the videos and find they function much better like that to contain mess but it does make it more difficult to tuck in at the edges as there isn’t as much left to tuck under the Mionappy within the Miosoft.

While I was very happy that the Miosoft fits better than the other size did, I was quite disappointed that after three hours the Mionappy had leaked so badly. I understand it’s a different principle than a disposable nappy and maybe I was na├»ve to think it would be able to keep The Boy dry for more than a couple of hours but it does make me think that it would mean the Mionappy is unsuitable for using overnight with The Boy. I’ve been advised to do a standard fold overnight instead of the boy fold as well as using the additional Mioboost, however as The Boy tends to sleep on his front I’m not convinced that the standard fold will contain the wetness as a standard disposable after 12 hours tends to be very heavy at the front and dry at the back. This latest experience makes me wonder whether the Mionappy will be able to cope with a 12 hour stretch, even with the additional Mioboost. The other thing that concerns me with attempting to use the Mionappy overnight is that the Mioboost makes the whole thing so massive and bulky The Boy really doesn’t appear to be comfortable in it, so I wonder whether it will promote bad sleep or even if he’ll settle at all wearing it. Since he does tend to sleep on his front, with his legs stretched out and more often than not his feet hooked onto the cot bars, I’m not sure whether he’ll be able to get into this position wearing the Mionappy with the Mioboost liner so I’m not sure whether it will disturb his usual good sleeping habits.

I guess only time will tell, and I will try the Mionappy overnight with the Mioboost once the better size Miosoft is out of the wash and dry again … In the meantime, I’m sorry to say, I’m disappointed with the leakage of today and while I’m pleased the Miosoft fits better, the whole system really needs to wow me over the next couple of days. I’m a long way from being a convert and still much prefer my bog standard supermarket own brand disposable nappies to the Bambino Mio system right now. I really want to fall in love with this system as I love the whole idea behind it, the fact that it is less waste than using disposables and it probably would, in the long run, turn out to be much cheaper – My experience with it so far have not changed my mind from using disposables to reusables on a permanent basis.

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