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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge (Delayed) Day 4!

I apologise for the break in the Daily Diary for the Bambino Mio Real Nappy Trial – we’ve had a very busy weekend (The Boy’s 1st birthday!) and as well as that we’ve not had much success so far with the Bambino Mio nappies! The very lovely Joreen at Bambino Mio has been very helpful in providing lots of advice, and the latest is that I’ve sent her a photo of how the Mionappy looks on The Boy so that she can see whether I’m doing it up properly and how it is fitting him.

Joreen sent my details on to a very nice lady (whose name I have already completely forgotten!) who gave me a call and we had a chat about it all, and she’s said that looking at the photo while The Boy is technically in the right weight range for the size Miosoft they’ve sent, as he is quite slender it doesn’t seem to be fitting him too well so they’re going to send the next size down. While this means it won’t come up his body any higher, it should mean that it fits better around his waist. She’s advised me to do the tabs up at an angle to maximise the leg hole space for him, and give it a go like that.

Once I got it on him earlier on in order to take the photo, I thought I’d leave it on him for a nap to see how it went. After all, the other reviews I’ve read for this reusable nappy system have been glowing, so I’m thinking it’s either me, or him, or maybe a combination of both of us doing something wrong!

Anyway, he had the Mionappy on and it was time for a nap, so I gave him his bottle and put him in the cot. He wiggled and fidgeted and moaned for about ten minutes before dropping off to sleep, and he slept soundly for two solid hours before waking up and letting me know he was awake by standing at the end of the cot bouncing and singing as usual.

When I walked into his room it was immediately obvious he’d got a dirty nappy and I admit I was a bit “Oh no” because he had the Mionappy on. I’d not dealt with a dirty one before, only wet ones, and my husbands experience of the dirty one the other day was not enviable, so I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I got the wipes out ready along with a nappy bag to dispose of the Mioliner and the used wipes, and got down to it.

It wasn’t an especially dirty nappy, but I was impressed. The Mioliner had contained it well and it was a case of removing that to dispose of and the Mionappy itself had some staining but it wasn’t covered; the Miosoft didn’t have anything on it. The Boy had obviously done a lot of wee during the time he’d been asleep as the front of the Mionappy was soaked through (despite the boy fold) and the front of the Miosoft was wet on the inside at the front, but it was well contained and it wasn’t as much fuss to sort it out as I’d anticipated it might be.

Hopefully we’ll be getting the other size Miosoft in the next couple of days to try, and once we do I’ll be trying an overnight nappy including using the additional Mioboost to see how well that copes with the flood overnight from The Boy (as he usually sleeps 12 hours it is a lot for any nappy to cope with!)

The customer service from Bambino Mio has been fantastic – Joreen has been in contact asking how I’m getting along now, then the lady I spoke to earlier was really nice and helpful and it’s definitely a good plus point for me. I hate when a company expects you to spend out for their products but can’t be bothered to provide first class customer service, and Bambino Mio are definitely a company who looks after their customers as far as my experience goes! They’ve been nothing but helpful and supportive, and I’m looking forward to getting the other size Miosoft so we can continue as normal with our nappy challenge!

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