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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bambino Mio Nappy Challenge Day 3

Our Day 3 challenge for the Bambino Mio reusable nappy challenge was going to be the overnight nappy. However, after washing the nappies overnight on Tuesday and hanging them outside to dry while everyone was out all day was a bit of a mistake, as after a day of blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures, a storm broke early evening before anyone got home and everything on the line got soaked, including the Mionappies, so we couldn’t use either of them for the overnight test as planned.

Instead, after a rinse and spin in the machine last night, I hung both nappies to dry in the airing cupboard and this morning both were ready to use again. Somehow in my half asleep state this morning I remembered to go and get one, and folded it all up ready to put on The Boy for the first nappy change of the day. I once again did the fold specific for boys, with additional absorbency at the front of the nappy, and I set about changing him.

Once again, his disposable nappy was saturated at the front; it had swollen so much and ballooned out that it had pulled the tabs around in a twist so the outside of the tabs was against his tummy, and the top of the nappy had partially folded. I thought it looked quite uncomfortable, and realise that I am paying much more attention to the appearance of his nappies since starting this challenge in the way that I am seeming to pick up more faults when I usually don’t have a problem!

I put the Mionappy on him, and again it struck me how much bulkier it looks. The Boy can’t close his legs together properly when he’s wearing it, and while I don’t think it would be uncomfortable I don’t think it’s particularly good for him so be held in that position or to restrict his movement. I’ve watched the video time and again to copy the folding and I can’t see how I could get it to sit any better on him. I also don’t find the length of the Miosoft enough, it seems to sit very low on his waist across his hips, and this means that unless I do it up really tightly it is pulled over his hips and there is a gap at the top of the Miosoft. While the Mionappy inside should soak up any moisture before it rolled out of the top of the Miosoft, I wonder if at night it would do it quickly enough, especially the amount he wets in the night, and the fact that he’ll sleep through 12 hours in a single nappy most nights.

When I did up his baby vest (it was so hot last night he slept in that alone) I noticed that it doesn’t fit particularly well over the Mionappy. The leg holes are cut for where legs are naturally, without a nappy on, and with a disposable this is fine but with the Mionappy the leg holes seem to be in the wrong place. I took him into our room to say good morning to The Hubby and he crawled about on the bed for a while, and I noticed a funny noise, like Velcro un-doing, as he moved. I un-popped the baby vest and sure enough the Miosoft top had twisted in on itself like the disposable had, but the Mionappy had only been on for ten minutes and was still dry. It just wouldn’t stay done up properly while he was active. I kept having to re-do it and The Hubby and I tried different ways to try and get it to stay done up, but it was un-sticking and twisting and rolling up and The Hubby said exactly the same thing as I was thinking – The Miosoft isn’t long enough, it doesn’t go to the right point on him to stay securely done up when he’s active. Looking at promotional photos on the net it looks like they should be coming up higher than they are on him; maybe this is why we’re having so many issues?

We went downstairs after a while and The Boy was put in his high chair for breakfast. Afterward he stayed in there chatting to The Hubby while I cooked breakfast (It is The Hubby’s birthday today, hence his day off work and cooked breakfast! This isn’t the normal run of things!) The Boy was in the high chair for just over an hour when The Hubby said, “I think he’s got a dirty nappy” so off they went upstairs for a nappy change.

I heard The Hubby muttering away upstairs and The Boy making noises back as he ‘answered’, I heard The Hubby briskly moving around up there with clear, definite steps, and the sounds of him back and forth to the bathroom after a few minutes and taps and the shower running. After a few minutes, the pair of them re-appeared - The Hubby strode through the kitchen with a nappy sack containing the soiled Mionappy for washing, and saying, “I don’t bloody like them!” as he strode past me!

The Boy had done a dirty nappy and the Mioliner hadn’t been enough to protect the Mionappy or the Miosoft from much damage. The Miosoft had been dirty and needed washing out, the Mionappy was very soiled and he’d had quite a job cleaning it all up off The Boy as well. Added to this that The Boy wasn’t in the mood for a nappy change and kicked up a fuss about it, The Hubby wasn’t impressed!

I really want to like this product, it’s a good idea and the Miosoft covers are fantastic design in so many ways but the size of it just doesn’t seem enough to me for The Boy and he’s within the weight range but it’s the height that seems to be the problem, they’re not long enough to come up high enough on him to do up well and fit well; and the Mioliner doesn’t seem to really do a lot, made even less by the fact that it doesn’t cover the entire Mionappy and while I folded it as directed we haven’t found the Mioliner particularly effective. I also folded the nappy and put it on as a 'night' nappy with the additional Mioboost pad (to practice), and it looks even more uncomfortable, his legs are pushed right out and it’s rock solid around and underneath him, I really can’t see how that can be comfortable and due to the heat recently I’m reluctant to put him in all that overnight in case he gets too hot as well.




As The Hubby pointed out, what if you were out somewhere and that kind of thing happened? You’re meant to take not just fresh Mionappies and liners, but also additional Miosoft just in case of a similar disaster where the Miosoft needs washing before it can be used again? With all that bulk in your nappy bag you could have packed four disposable nappies!

Tomorrow I’m going to try him the Mionappy for playtime and see how well it performs with him doing lots of movement, bending and stretching!  We’ll put it through it’s paces without risk of issues in a public place!

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